Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Outrun" Team Info

Hi teammates,

I wasn't sure how else to get a hold of all of you. Anyway, if you are officially signed up with our team, I will be picking up all race packets tomorrow down in Indy. I will plan to be in the main race congregating area of Ft. Ben by 6:15 to pass out packets, etc. I'm hoping to make a sign between now and then so we're easy to find. It will say "We Heart Q" on it if I can get that accomplished by Saturday.
My cell is 523-4579 if you need to ask a question or get a hold of me before the race!

See you Saturday night!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Chance to Register for Outrun the Sun!

Hi friends and family,

Thank you so much for those of you who have registered to run/walk with us in a week and a half! In order to get the lower rate, you need to sign-up by Friday at midnight! We already have 9 others joining us next Saturday, June 6th, but we still need one more participant in order to be Team "We Heart Q". Thank you for your support of this event in honor of my mom. Individual registration will continue through June 5th.

We'll see you next Saturday! (see the post below to register)

With love and appreciation,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Honor of Susie "Q" McCracken

Outrun the SUN!!!
In honor of our mom, Susie "Q" McCracken, some of my family members and I will be running in the Outrun the Sun run/walk for Melanoma.

The race will be:
Saturday, June 6th at 7:00 PM (less UV rays at night)
Ft. Benjamin Harrison Park, Indianapolis

We are trying to raise $1000 toward Melanoma Research. Would you consider running with us on our team, "We Heart Q", or simply making a financial donation toward our goal?

Please see our Team Website to make a donation/see our progress:

The Race Website will allow you register to run/walk with us:

We greatly appreciate your love and support!
The McCrackens and Monroes

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Podcasts from Q's Funeral

In light of the number of requests we've had for a recording of Susie's funeral, we have posted links to podcasts of some of the things said from up front that day. They are to the right, above Susie's picture. The links are tied to our church's website. Unfortunately, we cannot post any of the music or the girl's singing due to copyright laws. We also posted a link to the slideshow pictures of Susie.

Again, I cannnot adequately express to the hundreds of people (all of you) who have shown their love for Q and our family throughout the many months of Susie's illness, surgeries, and visitation and funeral, and yes, even now. Without the heartfelt caring of so many this most difficult of times would have been harder. I find myself wanting to sit across from each of you to tell you how much your generosity of love and caring has meant to me and my daughters, but that task is just too large. Honestly, much of life seems too large right now. I know over time things will get easier. Some parts will never be easy, but certainly easier.

One of the things I have shared with friends during Q's cancer is that I don't want to miss a thing that God wants me to learn during this difficult chapter of life. My prayer is similar for you. If there has been a thought, a sensing, a realization, a "I really should..." kind of moment for you as you've thought about your life while seeing Susie's and ours, then do not let that gift slip away into the busyness of your life. Do something with it - don't waste it. Act.

We would be grateful for your prayers as the girls and I adjust to life without Susie and look ahead to what God has for us as a family.

I love you,


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Tribute to Mom

This was written by Molly, Haley, Marylou, and Ellie for their mom.
It was then read at Susie's funeral by the girls.

Oh how you loved us.

We knew you loved us
As we see your sweet, tender smile as we look at our baby pictures.

As you taught us how to love each other, to forgive one another, and be kind to our sisters.

As you drove us to practices, recitals, friend’s houses, and school. You NEVER EVER missed a game or performance.

We knew you loved us during our younger years, in a house without air-conditioning, you were patient with our whining and fighting, you made us popsicles and found places for us to go and cool off.

As you taught us early on how to save our money and spend it wisely, only to see the countless times we chose to spend it on rocks, dollar store items, and candy because they were important to us, and you
didn’t say a word.

As we plowed through what we would later call our “ugly years” without realizing the fashion “no no’s” we were committing, but it didn’t matter to us what anyone thought because we knew we were beautiful to you.

We knew you loved us when as we reached the appropriate age you took each of us away for a special weekend with just you to be able to talk and ask questions about sex. No other mom we know has ever done that.

As you walked with us through our teen years, continually showing us how much you loved us even when we cared most about ourselves. You constantly pursued us, even when we pushed you away.

As we started dating, you guided us by encouraging us to communicate our feelings, to be honest about who we are, and to wait for a man who would love us as Dad loves you.

We knew you loved us as we made selfish and shameful choices. You taught us humility to ask for forgiveness and then to accept God’s grace, despite our many imperfections.

We knew you loved us as we pursued our dreams and goals, sometimes changing our minds every six weeks. You were always the first to share in our excitement and take action on our behalf.

We knew you loved us as you agreed to step back into the working world, after being our stay-at-home mom for 18 years. You showed your strength and love by putting the family’s needs above your personal desires.

So Mom, thank you for…

Always fighting for us when we were too weak or scared to fight for ourselves,

Thank you for making church a priority every Sunday,

Thank you for encouraging Godly friendships,

Thank you for teaching us, by example, what unconditional love and forgiveness look like,

Thank you for making our house a home, a warm and inviting place to be for all who entered,

Thank you for teaching us to be young ladies, even though it took one of us (Haley) a little longer to catch on then the rest of us,

Thank you for choosing to trust us, but also teaching us how to earn your trust after we had lost it,

Thank you for disciplining us,

Thank you for praying that we would get caught when we made bad choices… we know God heard every one of those prayers. But in the occasional event that we didn’t get caught, we eventually confessed to you and Dad because we knew that no matter what we’d done, we couldn’t lose your love,

Thank you for praying for our husbands since the day we were born,

Thank you for the many memories and traditions that we will continue to carry on in Minnesota,

Thank you for allowing us to see you and dad argue and then resolve your arguments,

Thank you for running our MANY errands,

Thank you for changing our diapers, doing our laundry, packing our school lunches, washing the constant flow of dirty dishes, bandaging our wounds and kissing our “ouchies”, staying home with us when we were sick and holding our hair back,

Thank you for honoring your commitment to your marriage for the past 28 years,

Thank you for teaching us what it means to serve in our community and church,

Thank you for choosing such an honorable and loving husband and father for us. We know the faith and
unconditional love for God that you and Dad have shared and that we now hold as our own, will continue to carry us through this hard time.
We are surrounding each other and especially Dad, loving him on your behalf.

You are an irreplaceable part of our family and we feel your absence but we will find joy as we recount the many memories we have of you in the days and years to come. Your grand-children will know who you are because your husband, daughters, and those who love you, will make sure they know who Q was and how much we miss her. And we will think of you as we raise them in the same wise and loving way you’ve raised us. You were the best mom a child could ever want.

We know this parting is only temporary and we wait longingly and with great hope to see you again soon.

We love you, Mom.

Molly, Haley, Mary Lou, and Ellie

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeking Memories

I would like to compile a collection of memories for my children and their children. If you have any stories about Susie (meaningful ones; funny ones; memorable ones; ways her life may have touched yours) would you please email them to me at
or send them by U.S. Mail to:
Scott McCracken
3731 Tara Court
Westfield, IN 46074
You can also hand deliver them at the vistitation or memorial services.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers, and wonderful words to our family.

I love you,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Visitation and Funeral Information

It is with great sadnesss and joy that we are posting the visitation and funeral information for our mom, Susie. It has been a very tough 24 hours for us...moments of intense grief and then little bursts of joy as we remember our loving mama and how she touched us so, and where she is now -- rejoicing and cancer-free. And it continues to feel so surreal to all of us.

Thursday, April 30: 4:00-8:00 pm
Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Home
325 E. Carmel Dr. Carmel, IN 46032

Friday, May 1: 1:00 pm
Church at the Crossing
9111 Haverstick Rd. Indianapolis, IN

This morning, early as the day began, the Lord brought us to this verse:
"He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11

We know we are being carried close to his heart today.

With love,
Molly, Haley, Mary Lou and Ellie